Demo Derby Dogs

"Hardest Hitting Derbies in New York State"

Demo Derby Dogs - Demolition at its finest



2011 Schedule                  

  • Dave Connor Memorial Demo
    • May be Fall 2011
    • Genesee County Fairgrounds


  • Hemlock Fair
    •  Tuesday July 19th 
    •  Saturday July 23rd

  • Genesee County Fair
    • Friday July 22nd     

This year in Hemlock Fair we will be trying 4x4 and all-wheel drive vehicles to allow for more opportunity for demo vehicles.  All set-up rules apply because the only exception is 4-wheel drive.  You will be in your own seperate heat and will not be allowed to drive those vehicles in the feature heats unless upon a new inspection vehicle proves fit by standard rules.

Rules have not changed.   Please read.

Pre-Registration for all demo's is a must.

We still need emails for drivers.

Tuesday night in Hemlock Fair we will be having a figure 8 race possibly with a State Fair bid. 
Contact Information for Questions

Mark Connor - (585) 346 - 5995